Our Projects

Here are some of the projects where RipplAffect is currently making a difference
(or has made a difference in the past):

Kenya Water Filters 11Kenya, July 2019

Please join us again in transforming the lives of thousands of people and children in particular in Kenya! RipplAffect is raising support to procure 400 Water Filtration Systems for another Kenya Mission Trip, this time in collaboration with ElmHurst SDA Church that John Piroski is pastoring.

Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps! The cost of the Water Filtration System is $25 per piece, and will provide clean safe water for a family of up to 8 people for 10 years!

Please help us reach our goal by June 7 by donating today to support our current fundraiser. Thank you for your support!

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Yemen, March 2019

Saving Children In Yemen from Cholera with Clean Water

In January 2019 we reached our ultimate goal of $13,000, which made it possible for us to procure and deploy 700 cutting-edge Sawyer Water Filtration Systems in Yemen (plus, the cost of shipping and logistics involved in getting the product thousands of miles away to Yemen!). The deployment and distribution of the filtration systems will amount to tens of millions of litters of clean drinking water over the life of the filtration systems, which will in turn literally save scores of children’s lives from cholera, and improve the health and well-being of their families and communities. Up to 4000 people will benefit from this initative. We are proud that RipplAffect was the first organization to deploy this type of water filtration systems into Yemen; a country which has been ravaged by war and armed violence for many months and which is considered the most devastating complex humanitarian crisis in the world, surpassing even that in Syria.

What a joy to see our dream of saving children come to life!

Sawa Project in Yemen – RipplAffect in collaboration with LDC Charities and our implementing partner, ADRA, providing Water Filtration Systems along with Hygiene kits to people of Yemen

To read more about Yemen cholera crisis CLICK HERE.


Uganda, December 2018

250 water filtration Systems were distributed in the biggest refugee camp in the world, Bidi Bidi with 750,000 refugees, providing clean water to over 2,250 children and families where 86% of refugees are women and children.


Kenya, March 2018

In collaboration with the Spring Valley Academy we distributed 500 water filters to the Maasai people in Kenya, where the elevation is so high that they cannot drill wells providing clean water to approximately 4,350 children and families. Here is the report about this project from the SVA Connections:

SVA Connections Kenya Mission Trip 2018

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  To read more about Kenya Water Filter Distribution Project and see some of the photos, please  CLICK HERE.


Puerto Rico, Late 2017

We distributed 100 water filters for about 500 people after hurricane Maria in 2017. Here are some of the photos from this project:


Haiti, Early 2017

We distributed 333 water filters in the worst cholera-affected area after hurricane Matthew providing sustainable clean water to over 2,800 people in our first ever project (in collaboration with ADRA International). See the story behind this project HERE and see the photos from water filter distribution by ADRA in Haiti HERE.