RipplAffect Projects in Kenya

Since 2018 RipplAffect has been actively involved with humanitarian aid by providing clean living water in several regions of Kenya, Africa.

In collaboration with the Spring Valley Academy we first distributed 500 water filters to the Maasai people in 2018, in the region where the elevation is so high that they cannot drill wells, providing clean water to approximately 4,350 children and families. You can read the report about it HERE. The very next year, before the pandemics in 2019, RipplAffect raised money for 410 Water Filtration Systems on another Kenya Mission Trip in collaboration with Elmhurst SDA Church in Chicago. You can read more about it HERE.

In 2020 we were not able to travel to Kenya because if the Covid-19 pandemics, but we delivered more water filters to Samburu Region of Kenya again in 2021.

In fact RipplAffect has received an exponential increase in funding for a transformative initiative in the Samburu region of Kenya towards the end of 2020 and the Sawyer Foundation has decided to match RipplAffect’s successful fundraising campaign of $50,000 with a grant in the same amount, making the total in excess of $100,000! These funds went toward the spring 2021 distribution of 2000+ filters in the Samburu region of Kenya, which are providing safe drinking water for 12,250 people, of that 7,327 kids. This will eventually amount to over 2 billion gallons of safe clean water over ten years. For a moving report of this initiative click HERE, to see a video clip from a national TV coverage click HERE and to see greetings from girls click HERE.

Back to Maasai people in 2022

In collaboration with the Spring Valley Academy we again distributed 500 water filtration systems to the Maasai people in Kenya, where the elevation is so high that they cannot drill wells. Just in this one distribution we were able to provide clean water to over 5100 people. Our team was able to collect distribution data and you can see all the beneficiaries that received water filtration systems on the Distribution Map (Click HERE). In fact, you can see RipplAffect’s complete worldwide Distribution Map of all our water filter distributions since 2021 HERE.

We want to present, through photos, everything that is involved in organizing such water filter distributions abroad: everything from fundraising events, to filter assembly, team training, transport, distribution in the field, people training, data collection and follow up.

Fundraising events, team training and filter assembly

Transport and distribution in the field

People training, data collection and follow up

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