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Sawyer kids holding filter clean dirty waterRipplAffect, a nonprofit humanitarian organization, is positioned to make a difference. From its inception, RipplAffect has coordinated the purchase and successful worldwide distribution of 1800+ water filtration systems to estimated 13,000 people marginalized by conflict, famine, poverty and weather-related disasters in:

  • Kenya
  • Haiti
  • Uganda
  • Puerto Rico
  • Yemen
  • Bahamas

Point-of-service, portable water filters are a simple yet transformative solution to assist families trapped in the vicious cycle of water-borne illness and malnutrition. Your donation will directly impact families struggling to survive and thrive. RipplAffect looks forward to partnering with you as we resolutely continue our efforts to serve.

Please read what our donors say about RipplAffect …

“Donating money to charity doesn’t often solve poverty. It typically can only help in the short term. What I like about RipplAffect is that they are solving long term health issues that can lead families OUT of poverty. This is my favorite kind of charity to support, and I have added it to my annual giving plans.”

Steve Divnick, the Inventor of the Spiral Wishing Well coin funnels
Steve Divnick, the Inventor of the Spiral Wishing Well coin funnels that have raised over $1 billion for charities around the world.

I joined the RipplAffect Board as Treasurer in September 2018 when we were organizing as a nonprofit. As a pragmatist, I felt that the concept of providing affordable filtration devices was a no-brainer. Most of us in the affluent United States could certainly forgo a dinner out in order to provide a family with a tool that can potentially save their children’s lives.

Robin Mann RipplAffect
Robin Mann, RipplAffect Treasurer and Board Member.

I just wanted to reach out and say Thank you for opening my eyes on this issue and I shared on Facebook and even passed RipplAffect to my church/preschool that myself and my children attend hopefully we can do our part to help this great cause! I think this program and the message is wonderful. Thank you so much!

Ashley Howard

Clean water, something that we take for granted in the western world is an everyday struggle for many in developing countries. Clean water one could argue is a basic human right. RippleAffect is an effective charity that delivers clean water, health and hope to many. I support RippleAffect as I have witness tangible long lasting ripple consequences that water filter systems can deliver.

Maria Suvacarov
Maria Suvacarov RN, MSN, FNP, Chief Clinical Office, Kindred Healthcare, Inc.

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