New Water Project in Ghana

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Location: Drobonso, Northern Region of Ghana, West Africa

A new collaboration has been made with the Mission Driven Purpose non-profit organization to assist with a large-scale effort in Drobonso, Ghana where RipplAffect plans to distribute 1000 water filtration systems in the Spring of 2023.

Water Project Ghana 9Four streams were visited in three communities (Alhaji Yahya Zongo, Alhaji Alliu Fulani Zongo and Camp). The people of these communities often have to walk for miles to access the nearest water stream.

The people in these communities step in the water, bathe themselves in it, wash clothes and utensils in it and then drink from the same water. Therefore none of the water sources in these communities should be used for drinking without filtration.

About 370 people live in the three communities that we have visited, but there are nine communities in this area in total that also have the same water problem.

Partnering with the Mission Driven Purpose will give us wonderful opportunity to not only provide clean safe drinking water to people in need but also to share Good News about Jesus.

RipplAffect plans to distribute 1000 Water Filtration Systems in collaboration with the Mission Driven Purpose non-profit organization in the Northern Region of Ghana, West Africa. Please help us provide clean drinking water to people of this region in Ghana by Donating Now. 100% of your donations will go directly towards purchase of water filters for this project.



RipplAffect is an all-volunteer nonprofit humanitarian organization which has provided portable water filtration systems to Haiti, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Kenya, Uganda and Yemen and provided more than 51,000 people with clean and safe water for years to come. To support these and future efforts please consider monthly donations so we will be able to respond right away when the next Tornado or Hurricane hits.

Since May 2021 you are able to see all the water filter distributions that happened since January 2021 on our Sponsorship Map.

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