Sponsorship Map

RipplAffect thanks you greatly for your partnership and generosity. Together, we have helped thousands of people obtain access to clean water and now you are able to see all the water filter distributions that happened since January 2021 on the map below! Simply zoom in on the map to the areas marked with yellow or green dots and you will be able to see and track your impact in details.

You can now also see the historical points marked with blue ripples where you can see information along with some photos about all our past water filter distributions up to the end of 2020. More info below!

With this interactive map you are able to track with precision and in real time where all your donations have been invested. You are able to see specific beneficiaries that were helped directly with RipplAffect donations, as well as the total number of people that were provided with clean water. Just zoom in on the map and click on the green or yellow dots on the map and you will see informational pop-ups about the families that have received water filtration systems. The numbers on the left adjust according to the area on the selected map area.

Thank you, again, to all who have donated so far. We know that with your contribution, your heart came attached also! ❤️

We urge everyone to continue to partner with us, or consider starting a partnership by sponsoring a new family each month for less than a dollar a day, and do so recurrently every month.