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Frank Perez

“Over the years my family has sponsored and I have participated in a number of medical missionary projects with small and large teams. The people would rush to our clinics for hope and help. My role has varied from pulling teeth, to health educator, to crowd control officer. While there we felt we made a difference. Once we came back, we wondered what would happen to the children, young mothers and ailing older people we left behind. RipplAffect, is different. We know that what we have done, has changed the lives of many into the future. Thanks for making a difference!”

Frank Perez, Kettering Health Network CEO Emeritus, Board Chairman at the Good Neighbour House, Board Chairman at Spring Valley Academy.
Harvey Hahn

“I love RipplAffect. We have many problems, but most are first world problems like bad coffee, or slow wi-fi. Many have real problems like no clean water to drink. We take clean drinking water for granted. This charity supplies a basic human necessity that helps people build their lives on. The other feature that I love about RipplAffect is that their efforts are not a ‘one and done’ type effort. Many mission trips make the missionary feel better than the people they serve. Many trips don’t make a sustainable impact. The water filters RipplAffect give out will continue to provide clean water for a family for a decade! That’s the kind of impact I want to leave behind.”

Harvey Hahn, MD, cardiologist Kettering Health Network. Program Director for the Kettering Medical Center Cardiovascular Fellowship Training Program.
Maria Suvacarov

“Clean water, something that we take for granted in the western world is an everyday struggle for many in developing countries. Clean water one could argue is a basic human right. RippleAffect is an effective charity that delivers clean water, health and hope to many. I support RippleAffect as I have witness tangible long lasting ripple consequences that water filter systems can deliver.”

Maria Suvacarov RN, MSN, FNP, Chief Clinical Office, Kindred Healthcare, Inc.

“After hearing the event at Sinclair College today it just touched my heart in so many ways. We take so many things for granted like water and as a mom I would never give my children that kind of (contaminated) water . Let alone drink it myself. I just wanted to reach out and say Thank you for opening my eyes on this issue and I shared on Facebook and even passed RipplAffect to my church/preschool that myself and my children attend hopefully we can do our part to help this great cause! I think this program and the message is wonderful. Thank you so much!”

Ashley Howard
Robin Mann RipplAffect

“I joined the RipplAffect Board as Treasurer in September 2018 when we were organizing as a nonprofit. As a pragmatist, I felt that the concept of providing affordable filtration devices was a no-brainer. Most of us in the affluent United States could certainly forgo a dinner out in order to provide a family with a tool that can potentially save their children’s lives.

A few years ago I read the book “The Hole in our Gospel” by Richard Stearns who discussed “Compassion Fatigue” and the problem of Americans feeling overwhelmed by the significant problems in far-away countries and the vast number of people who suffer. It’s easy to say “What can I possibly do to impact those complex situations?” and then do nothing. Well, Narcisa felt called to do something, and we are humbled by how many people’s lives have been changed as a result of a small group of volunteers and supportive donors in the Miami Valley.

[Jesus] said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26) and I have certainly witnessed that promise in action. Several times we have set out to do something that is a stretch goal and that no organization this young should achieve. But God has had his hand on this ministry and wonderful things have been accomplished.

A ripple starts as a tiny touch point in the water but grows outward to affect the entire lake. Never think that you’re too insignificant to make an impact that is beyond yourself.”

Robin Mann, RipplAffect Treasurer and Board Member.
Steve Divnick, the Inventor of the Spiral Wishing Well coin funnels

“Donating money to charity doesn’t often solve poverty. It typically can only help in the short term. What I like about RipplAffect is that they are solving long term health issues that can lead families OUT of poverty. This is my favorite kind of charity to support, and I have added it to my annual giving plans.”

Steve Divnick, the Inventor of the Spiral Wishing Well coin funnels that have raised over $1 billion for charities around the world.


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