RipplAffect Officers and Board Members

The organizational structure of RipplAffect

Narcisa Mikov, Founder and Executive Director

Narcisa Mikov RipplAffectNarcisa Mikov is the Executive Director of RipplAffect, in which role she drives the mission of the organization as well as the overall management of its operations. She was miraculously cured of cancer through prayer. Since her healing, she has found purpose in helping those around the world to access sustainable clean water, thereby saving lives as a way to thank God for His miraculous healing in her life.

Over the years, Narcisa has successfully pursued careers as a business woman and a pedagogue in the arts. Some 20 years ago, she founded the European School of Music and Art in Los Angeles, CA, a school of over 300 students, 15 teachers and staff, and instruction provided in a broad range of musical instruments, as well as painting, drawing, and foreign language.

Narcisa in action, Kenya

Four years ago, she sold the school. Herself a piano instructor, she teaches piano at the Miami Valley School of Dayton, Ohio. Narcisa obtained a LTCL degree in piano and music pedagogy from the Trinity College London, England.

Since 2014, Narcisa has also been overseeing a portfolio of rental properties, which is a family business. In her spare time, Narcisa enjoys traveling, gardening, spending time with daughter Nicole and caring for Fluffy, the beloved rascal.

Shelley Perez, Chair

Shelley Perez RipplAffectShelley Perez currently serves on several boards for Kettering Health Network. Her heart for service grew from her upbringing in the medical mission field of Puerto Rico and led her to Loma Linda School of Medicine to train as an OB/GYN. She later left her practice and moved to Kettering, Ohio with her husband to raise her family but her need to serve others continued. She has volunteered extensively at Spring Valley Academy, served in varying capacities at the Kettering Church, and is a co-founder of the Team Dayton Chapter of Days for Girls championing women’s health issues in the third world. In 2016 on a mission trip to the Amazon the importance of clean water became personal as she and her family relied on a Sawyer water filter similar to the one being distributed by RipplAffect. When she is not taxiing her son to and from soccer and basketball activities (her 17 year old daughter insists on driving herself) she can be found gardening, educating herself on natural approaches to health or preparing to teach a junior Sabbath School Class. She is currently working to develop a Christian based sex education curriculum.

Cali Campillo, Creative Director – Campaigns

Cali Campillo RipplAffectCali Campillo knew she wanted to become a school teacher someday while in the second grade. Since that time, she obtained her teaching degree from Andrews University, and a master’s degree in education from the University of Dayton. She has taught middle school aged children for the past 15 years, and loves the privilege of being able to work with children. The school she was working at in 2018 took a mission trip to visit the Maasai people of Kenya. It was there that Cali witnessed first hand what lack of access to clean drinking water can do to people’s prospects at living a full life with basic human dignity. Cali and Narcisa assembled and distributed 500 Sawyer water filters while in Kenya, and it inspired Cali to team up with her to form the non-profit RipplAffect, based on Narcisa’s hopes and dreams for the company. Cali vows to try and help change mindsets from a view that sees something wrong and says, “It’s not my problem, to one that says, if I see a problem, I will try to help.”

Robin Mann, Treasurer

Robin Mann RipplAffectRobin Mann is a retired Certified Public Accountant who worked in public accounting and corporate taxation. She volunteers in a financial capacity for the Good Neighbor House (Treasurer) where she has been a volunteer since 2004 and the Kettering Seventh-day Adventist Church (Associate Treasurer). She is a Master Gardener Volunteer in Montgomery County and editor of the Miami Valley Hosta Society’s newsletter. Robin graduated from Miami University with a Bachelors Degree in Accountancy. She endeavors to keep accurate, professional, and transparent financial statements for RipplAffect, so that its resources can be used to help the greatest number of people.

Annie Collins, Secretary

Annie Collins RipplAffectAnnie Collins is a native-born Californian who received her BA in Liberal Studies and Spanish from La Sierra University in Riverside, CA. She married her high school sweetheart after college, and this past July, they celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. Annie moved with her husband and kids to Ohio in 2005 after her husband took a job at Kettering Hospital. One of Annie’s biggest accomplishments has been raising her twin daughters who left for College this year. Helping others has always been a priority for Annie. Whether is it was volunteering at her daughters’ school and church, helping a friend in need or serving on a mission trip. Three years ago, Annie co-founded Team Dayton OH through Days for Girls International and is still active today sewing feminine hygiene kits for girls in the developing world. This year she began working full time as a job coach for Project SEARCH which helps special needs young adults gain employment in the community. In her spare time, Annie likes to cook, arrange flowers, garden, and spend time with her family.

RipplAffect Board Members after Peru Benefit Concert

RipplAffect Board Members:

Nirmala Abraham

Nirmala Abraham RipplAffectNirmala Abraham is a physician and has been practicing in Dayton since 2011. She was born and raised in Maryland where she learned the importance of looking out for the needs of others from her parents. Their example of service has been an inspiration throughout her life. She has extensive experience in business development/management and is excited to use these skills to support RipplAffect as it continues grow. She enjoys traveling, playing golf, crocheting/knitting, gardening and participating in her church music programs by singing in the choir and playing violin with various groups.

Andrea Jakobsons

Andrea Jakobsons RipplAffectAndrea Jakobsons was born in the Czech Republic and had to learn English when the family moved to the US right after her freshman year in high school. She is married to Michael Jakobsons, who makes sure that life is not boring. He has worked in education for many years as a principal and an associate superintendent and is now transitioning to HR for the Kettering Health Network. After finishing the seminary Andrea worked as a Bible teacher and then as a youth and young adult pastor at the Spencerville Church in MD before coming to Kettering. She loves teaching the Bible and seeing people grow in their relationship with Jesus while also taking time for friends, art, working out, hiking and biking.

Myla Cardona-Jones

Myla Cardona-Jones RipplAffectMyla Cardona-Jones is a passionate leader in the community, who focuses much of her efforts on the advancement of underserved and underprivileged communities. Myla is Faculty and the Project Coordinator in the Law and Public Safety Department at Sinclair College. She also serves as the Site Administrator for the Law and Leadership Institute, which is a program that introduces promising high school students from underserved urban communities to the legal profession through an intensive college preparatory program. Myla presents on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and systemic racism across the Montgomery County and recently launched an initiative to support training and educational opportunities geared towards addressing these issues, called the Eradicate Racism Collaborative. Myla earned her juris doctorate from Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University. Myla has been married for 10 years and together she and her husband have a 9-year old son. Two interesting facts about her are that she is fluent in Spanish and enjoys traveling.

Julie Sackett

Julie Sackett RipplAffectLifting people who find themselves on the margins of health, safety, and nurture outlines the focus for most in the nursing profession. As a nurse, Julie Sackett has worked in areas ranging from emergency nursing and ICU to mental health and research. This focus of supporting people on the edges and seeking avenues to remove barriers to a full life experience has been her north star. She also understands how difficult it is to make a dent in this challenge. So, when Narcisa asked her to join the effort to make clean water more available to those who find themselves without access to this fundamental and vital human need she enthusiastically agreed to join.

Jennifer Bouz

Jennifer Bouz RipplAffectJennifer Bouz worked as an educator for 10 years prior to becoming a stay at home mom to her 3 children, Ellie, Zorik and Zachary. She married her husband Peter who also shares a passion for helping others. She enjoys being creative and planning events.

Novea McIntosh, Ed.D.

Novea McIntosh RipplAffectNovea McIntosh is an Assistant Professor of Diversity in the School of Education and Health Sciences at the University of Dayton. She teaches courses in the areas of diversity and inclusion and assessment with a research focus on culturally responsive pedagogy. She serves as the coordinator of the Adolescence to Adult Program in Teacher Education and co-directs the Urban Teacher Academy at the University of Dayton. Born and raised in Jamaica, she brings a global perspective to service and its impact on all people. She works in preparing the best educators to serve all students in an inclusive classroom setting. She seeks to advance education of underserved and underrepresented children across the world. Her work in education advancing social justice for all students, has spanned the Caribbean, United States and Malawi Africa.


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