Providing clean living water in Kenya

Kenya Water Filters RipplAffect Slide

Kenya, March 2018

In collaboration with the Spring Valley Academy we distributed 500 water filters to the Maasai people, where the elevation is so high that they cannot drill wells providing clean water to approximately 4,350 children and families. Here is the report about this project from the SVA Connections:

SVA Connections Kenya Mission Trip 2018

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” So, here are some of the photos from our Kenya Water Filter Distribution Project: Water Filters SquareRipplAffect is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that believes that having access to clean water is a basic human right and precondition to health and well-being. Every 5.9 seconds one child younger than 5 dies because they do not have access to clean water, food or basic medicines.

Narcisa Mikov, RipplAffect’s founder, was miraculously cured of cancer through prayer. Since her healing, she has found purpose in helping those around the world to access sustainable clean water, thereby saving lives as a way to thank God for His miraculous healing in her life.

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