Hurricane Fiona devastation in Puerto Rico

Playa Salinas is flooded after the passing of Hurricane Fiona in Salinas, Puerto Rico

Just a few days ago, Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico, leaving the island without power and 800,000 households without clean, safe drinking water.

Water service was cut to more than 837,000 customers – two thirds of the total on the island – because of turbid water at filtration plants or lack of power, according to officials. Only 34% of households have potable water.

Hurricane Fiona Puerto Rico Map“The majority of rivers are too high. We have 112 filtration plants and the majority are supplied by rivers,” Aqueduct and Sewer Authority executive president Doriel Pagán Crespo said in an interview with a San Juan radio station. She said personnel will be dispatched for cleanup as water levels drop.

The agency said on its Twitter page that water could be turbid upon service restoration and recommended that customers boil water for three minutes before using it for human consumption.

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Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico 2022

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