RipplAffect increases its programming significantly

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RipplAffect increases its programming significantly after raising $50,000 and receiving a matching grant to fund a $100,000 desperately needed water filter initiative in Kenya

Samburu Water Source 5Celebrate with us the fact that RipplAffect has received an exponential increase in funding for a transformative initiative in the Samburu region of Kenya. Sawyer Foundation has decided to match RipplAffect’s successful fundraising campaign of $50,000 with a grant in the same amount, making the total in excess of $100,000! These funds will go toward the distribution of 2000+ filters in the Samburu region of Kenya, which will provide safe drinking water for up to 15,000 people, which will amount to over 2 billion gallons of safe clean water over ten years.

RipplAffect has started implementing this program with the highly renown local partner, the Samburu Girls Foundation, an organization that works with at-risk adolescent girls who need protection from child marriage and sexual and gender-based violence. For more, please visit their website:

Samburu Water Source 2These high school girls, led by Foundation leadership, operate as distributors of the water filters and will be involved in follow-up education and training of the target communities. In turn, our initiative will not only serve the water needs of the communities, but will also help empower the girls in the program at the Samburu Girls Foundation as agents of change and social good in their region.

The foundation founder Dr. Josephine Kulea received numerous awards and was named the 2013 UN Person of the Year for her work and development of the Samburu Girls Foundation.

RipplAffect is committed to accountability to its donors. Tracking the effective utilization of the water filters is an incredibly important aspect of this project. We will have access to a cutting edge data collection system to track our education efforts and evaluate our impact on the communities we support. Data will be collected on demographics, training and follow ups in how to use and care for the filtration systems, prevalence of water-bourn diseases among beneficiaries and more. Since May 2021 you are able to see all the water filter distributions that happened since January 2021 on our Sponsorship Map.

PROJECT UPDATE: Please click on the video below to see a short news clip from Kenya National TV about RipplAffect Water Filtration Systems distribution in Kenya that has started in February 2021.

Below you can also see some photos about the delivery of Sawyer water filters to Samburu Girls Foundation.

And here is another video from Samburu Girls Foundation water filter distribution:


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RipplAffect is an all-volunteer nonprofit humanitarian organization which has provided portable water filtration systems to Haiti, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Kenya, Uganda and Yemen and provided estimated 30,000 people with clean and safe water for years to come. To support these and future efforts please consider monthly donations so we will be able to respond right away when the next Tornado or Hurricane hits.

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