Massive needs in earthquake and storm shuttered Haiti

As we commemorate World Water Week, RipplAffect is committing to match the first $5000 raised in order to help hundreds of households recover from the recent devastating earthquake in the south-western part of Haiti, by deploying and distributing 500 water filtration systems as soon as possible.

Tropical Storm Grace moved across the southern coast of Hispaniola, the island comprising Haiti and the Dominican Republic, just days after the earthquake. The storm “is further disrupting access to water, shelter, and other basic services,” UNICEF said in a statement Tuesday. “Flooding and mudslides are likely to worsen the situation of vulnerable families and further complicate the humanitarian response.”


Please help by donating today as one-time or a recurring monthly donation to support the victims of earthquakes and storms in Central America and around the world. Your contribution will make an impact, no matter how much you donate! One hundred percent of your donations will go directly towards buying and shipping the filters to help people of Haiti.



Since May 2021 you are able to see all the water filter distributions that happened since January 2021 on our Sponsorship Map.

RipplAffect is an all-volunteer nonprofit humanitarian organization which has provided portable water filtration systems to Haiti, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Kenya, Uganda and Yemen and provided more than 31,000 people with clean and safe water for years to come. To support these and future efforts please consider monthly donations so we will be able to respond right away when the next Tornado or Hurricane hits.

Thank you for your continued support!